Hi again.

I just checked a great source and your 3.6% is correct, though the figures are different. 118,731 cases globally and 4,262 deaths. It’s the CSSE at Johns Hopkins if you’d like to check it out.

You’re right, I did say population, but I meant the population who contracts the flu, which I have corrected.

I work at a hospital in Boston and it’s more the prevalence than the number of deaths that are alarming. It is a flu strain and many of the docs. see it as respiratory flu.

Vulnerable populations are the ones who are most at risk and most people who contract it will recover. The media is scaring the shit out of people needlessly. Oh well, this too shall pass.

Take care.

Thank you for responding yet again.



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Marilyn is a writer, yogi, and spiritual medium. Her favorite people are animals, especially ones that meow. She loves the ocean and hates one-use plastic.

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