Steering a Steady Course in a Straight Line Is an Ominous task

It just goes to show you; there’s always something.

Marilyn Regan
3 min readNov 7, 2019


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Shaunta Grimes and Shannon Ashley have spoken.

If I want to be a successful writer, I must: 1/ write and post every day, and 2/ get subscribers to grow that invaluable e-mail list. There are several steps involved in the latter, but I’m slugging along because I know they are right.

Hell, look at their success.

The best way to get from A to Z? Just do it. Don’t waver. Don’t stop.

Trust in the process, and don’t give up.

It’s true. The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line. But it’s difficult to walk the straight and narrow and stay on the path when the destination seems so far away, and you feel like you’re getting slammed on both sides.

It reminds me of my father, giving me driving lessons.

Dad was not only impatient as hell, but he was also a retired Naval Commander who drove through Boston like he was still navigating his destroyer through the Pacific Ocean.

And I was part of the crew. Commands were to be followed, not questioned.

He insisted that the person driving toward me was entitled to the full use of his/her/their lane, and I was to get as close as possible to the parked cars to give them room.


People in Boston park as crazy as they drive. Some are against the curb while others take the full six inches allowed by law — no straight line.

But that didn’t phase dad.

The idea was to pick the car sticking out the furthest and draw a ‘fall line’ and,

“Steer a steady course!”

So you’d envision that straight line, inch closer and sigh with relief when you cleared a row of parked cars without a collision.

And that’s kind of where I am now.

It’s getting tough, the numbers (claps/views) aren’t there. There’s a new follower, but they didn’t read anything. Or they read something and didn’t clap, didn’t highlight.



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