The Love and Magic of Christmas Returns Every year

The joys of Christmases past add to our memories.

Marilyn Regan


Photo of “The Enchanted Village” by Author

This year I again plan on buying that perfect Fraser Fur and making it the showpiece of my living room. Besides being expensive, it is a big-time commitment that takes considerable muscle.

It begins with getting it up three flights of stairs, into the tree stand, straight, to maneuvering up and down those same stairs with boxes of lights and ornaments and decorations. It’s strenuous and not for the weak or sleep-deprived.

I wouldn’t change a thing. The effort to create what will a living jewel is worth every bit of sweat and a testament to the light and hope so evident in the holiday season. What’s worth keeping is worth working for.

Every year I say without hesitation, “This is the best tree ever.” And I compare it to the previous year’s. And it is the best tree ever.

Every year.

But all my trees from the time I was a child have been the best ones. The reason? They were there. Not because they were the most beautiful, but because of the time spent with my family.

I remember those trees of long ago and all the other stuff that went into the tree and activities of the season.

Oh Christmas Tree

When I was a kid, the tree was the biggest deal of all. It stood proudly at the end of our living room for the good part of December and was the sole source of light.

One of the most memorable trees was the year we didn’t quite strike the jackpot.

It was the year of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It was all of $20.00 and maybe the best for the money, but it was still not enough for a decent tree. My mother, with her sarcastic wit, actually named it and said it reminded her of a skeleton.

It stands out in its pathetic detail as a time of joy and laughter.

We decorated and thought none-the-less of it.

The men, my dad, and brother were assigned the difficult task of unraveling and testing the lights, those strings with the giant light bulbs that often overheated.



Marilyn Regan

Marilyn is a writer, yogi, and spiritual medium. Her favorite people are animals, especially ones that meow. She loves the ocean and hates one-use plastic.