Who is Producing the Targeted Neurological Attacks Causing Havana Syndrome?

U.S. Intelligence and White House personnel are amongst its victims

Marilyn Regan
3 min readOct 19, 2021


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It’s like something out of a James Bond film, and the CIA and the Biden Presidency are taking it very seriously.

An ear-piercing high-pitched electronic noise causes pressure in the ears. Symptoms of nausea, severe headaches, dizziness, ear pain, and fatigue persist once the noise stops, and some victims are left with cognitive difficulties.

Doctors at Walter Reed National Military Center in Maryland treated a patient from Europe and diagnosed them with, “a brain injury of the type seen in people exposed to shock waves from explosions.” In other words, the injuries are life-altering.

It’s called Havana Syndrome, named after the city where it originated in 2016. No doubt it has been overshadowed by the COVID pandemic, although this mysterious neurological illness is becoming more serious as incidents increase. It is a neurological disorder affecting U.S. intelligence and diplomatic personnel in installations across the world. It targets specific areas and affects entire families, including children.

The question is not what is Havana Syndrome, but who is causing it?

The Attacks Continue

Attacks took place in October 2021 in Columbia and affected five families connected to the U.S. Embassy. It is one of the largest embassies, replete with intelligence agencies, anti-narcotics personnel, development workers, and diplomates.

Two cases were reported in Berlin in August, the first NATO country to report them. In addition, approximately 200 instances targeting U.S. foreign workers have been documented in locations from Europe and the Western Hemisphere to China. Although there is no exact number, there have been approximately 130 cases worldwide (excluding U.S. citizens).

In July, Vienna became the harbinger of the most cases, only outdone by the number in Havana itself. The first cases were reported after Biden’s Inauguration and the location of the increased incidences is not surprising. Vienna is one of the best locations in the world to reside due to its high safety record…



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