You’re Future Self Knows a Secret: You’re Gonna Make It.

A letter to my past self about a hopeful future.

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Your Turn. Join The Thriver Challenge.

Write a letter to your past self during a difficult time, honoring it and the fact that you not only survived, but thrived. Thanks to Jordin Kelly for starting this challenge. I offer it to anyone who’s reading this, but would like to invite the following Medium writers: Crystal Jackson, Billy Manas, Christina Hausauer, Jun Wu, Scott R. Tucker, Anne Bard, Karolina Rzadkowolska, Lisa Swain, Aspiring Author, and Bill DuBay Jr. ⚡️

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Marilyn is a writer, yogi, and spiritual medium. Her favorite people are animals, especially ones that meow. She loves the ocean and hates one-use plastic.

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